Tiger Tales
 Chicago, Illinois
Idea: ​​​​​​​A captivating love story unfolds in the heart of Chicago, where a daily commuter's routine is transformed by the mesmerizing performances of a street artist. Their worlds collide in a blend of romance, art, and vibrant city life, revealing the unexpected connections that can occur in the bustling urban landscape.
Behind The Scenes of Tiger Tales 
Chicago, Illinois
 Idea: ​​​​​​​Set against the backdrop of Chicago's lively streets, "Tiger Tales" is an enchanting narrative of unexpected love and artistic expression. This story follows the life of a regular commuter, whose mundane daily routine is beautifully interrupted by the captivating performances of a street artist. As their paths intersect, a unique romance blossoms, weaving a tale that celebrates the fusion of love, creativity, and the dynamic energy of city life. This project, crafted at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy, offers a glimpse into the magical, serendipitous moments that can emerge amidst the chaos of urban existence.
Teen Safe Driving - PSA
City of Elgin - Elgin, Illinois
Pro Bono Project created for City of Elgin & School District U-46
 Idea: This Video will delve into the personal stories of teen drivers in Elgin, focusing on their experiences, challenges, and lessons learned about safe driving. Through interviews and reenactments, the film aims to provide a heartfelt and impactful look at the consequences of unsafe driving among teenagers. The objective is to educate, inspire, and promote safe driving habits among teenagers while fostering a sense of community responsibility and awareness.
Open Door Clinic - Elgin Grand Opening
Open Door Clinic - Elgin, Illinois
Pro Bono Project created for Open Door Clinic
 Idea: Capturing the grand opening of the Open Door Clinic in Elgin, Illinois. This Video will showcase the pivotal moments of the ceremony, featuring the tireless efforts of volunteers, the joy and anticipation of the community, and the profound impact of the clinic's services. Through statements, candid moments, and the vibrant atmosphere of the opening day, the video aims to highlight the clinic's commitment to accessible healthcare and the spirit of community solidarity.
BethAnn Telford - Speaker, Cancer Survivor
Team BT - Washington, D.C.
Pro Bono Project created for Team BT
 Idea: This film will follow BethAnn Telford, a remarkable marathon runner and brain tumor survivor, as she delivers an inspiring speech at an event. Diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2005, BethAnn's story is one of resilience and determination. The film captures her journey, highlighting the challenges she faced, including her symptoms, surgeries, and the sheer will to continue running marathons. Her speech, interwoven with her personal narrative, will offer a powerful message of hope and strength, resonating with audiences far beyond the running community.
Anderson Animal Shelter: Outdoor Play Areas
Anderson Humane - South Elgin, Illinois
Pro Bono Project created for Anderson Animal Shelter & Fox Valley Wildlife Center
Idea: This brief video showcases the outdoor play areas at Anderson Humane Animal Shelter in South Elgin, Illinois. Through engaging aerial videography, we highlight the current facilities where animals enjoy their time outdoors. The focus is on illustrating the potential improvements that a grant could bring, transforming these spaces into even more enriching and enjoyable environments for the shelter animals. The video aims to capture the heartwarming interactions between the animals and volunteers, emphasizing the positive impact of the proposed enhancements.
Anderson Humane: Shelter Tour
Anderson Humane - South Elgin, Illinois
Pro Bono Project created for Anderson Animal Shelter & Fox Valley Wildlife Center
Idea: This short film takes viewers on an inspiring journey through Anderson Humane, capturing the heart and soul of the shelter. We explore the significant improvements and expansions made possible by a generous grant, showcasing how these enhancements have positively impacted both the animals and the community. The film highlights the compassionate work at the Anderson Animal Shelter & Fox Valley Wildlife Center, emphasizing their vital role in animal welfare and wildlife conservation, illustrating the profound effect of community involvement and philanthropy in animal welfare.
National Brain Tumor Society Track-A-Thon
Team BT - Chantilly, Virginia
Pro Bono Project created for Team BT
 Idea: This documentary-style film captures the spirit and impact of the Annual Track-a-Thon in Chantilly, Virginia. It focuses on Team BT's participation, highlighting personal stories, community involvement, and the collective effort to raise donations for the National Brain Tumor Society and Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure. The film aims to showcase the event's significance, the participants' dedication, and the broader impact on brain tumor research and patient support.

[Portfolio Note:  When downloading from Archive the Audio went Mono,
This was an Archived Project from a Decade+ ago and the original audio is unable to be recovered ]
The Jungle Book Kids​​​​​​​
Hawthorne Elementary School - Elmhurst, Illinois
Project created for Hawthorne Elementary School
 Idea: This film project aims to capture the essence, excitement, and talent of Hawthorne Elementary School's rendition of 'The Jungle Book Kids'. It will showcase the young actors' dedication to bringing this classic tale to life. The film will include the full performance.

[Portfolio Note:  When downloading from Archive the Audio went Mono,
This was an Archived Project from a Decade+ ago and the original audio is unable to be recovered ]
Video Fairfax - Ad
ARTSFAIRFAX - Fairfax County, Virginia
Pro Bono Project created for ARTSFAIRFAX
 Idea: The core concept is to redefine the perception of what it means to be an artist. Moving beyond the traditional imagery of paintbrushes and canvases, the film will showcase the diverse and multifaceted world of art. It aims to engage and inspire youth artists to participate in the Video Fairfax Festival by highlighting various art forms such as digital media, performance art, and more. This project emphasizes that art is not confined to a single medium but is an expansive and inclusive realm where every young creator has a place.
Leap to the Future
Short Film
My First Ever Short Film from MANY years ago.

Idea: In "Leap to the Future," the iconic couple from Grant Wood's American Gothic painting mystically comes to life. They embark on a remarkable journey, 'leaping' through time to witness the profound transformations and innovations that have reshaped society over the years. This narrative blends nostalgia with a curiosity for the modern world, offering a unique lens on progress and change.

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